The space to begin, the capacity to grow, and the place for nurture. 

Hand therapy content in a community of support

You love working in hand therapy. You love to share your work and connect with others to celebrate their wins. You’ve taken your first brave steps in your hand therapy career, or you’re enjoying the growth your career is providing.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve felt excited and nervous at the same time at some point in your journey. Feeling thrilled that you work in the area you love, but feeling equally out of your comfort zone in areas at the same time! Scrambling to find every resource available, but not being totally sure how that applies in a practical sense, on a real patient!


We’ve had the benefit of working with each other, as well as with an incredible network of therapists to help guide and nurture us in our careers, point us in the right direction, and give us real, practical advice.

Thrive is here to do the same for you.


Grow your hand therapy skills like a boss!

What you'll find in Thrive to help you do just that.


Thrive has weekly content
delivered directly to your
inbox. Resources, journal
club, splinting videos and clinical gems. With a theme each month, members suggestions are welcomed.


All  the membership content is
available to you anywhere, anytime. Videos, treatment guideline, checklists, the list goes on. It's all there waiting for you when you need it or when you want to indulge in some learning!


Got a question? Ask the members in the private Facebook group!

Tap into the unbelievable knowledge base we have within our membership. There's no judgement and no silly questions.


A monthly Live Q&A
and a
30% discount on all Handspark courses!

Thrive is the space where passionate therapists come to share and grow

It’s the space to further your knowledge, and find out what’s new in the hand therapy world. It’s the space where therapists like you empathise, share wisdoms, and show support in a safe, non- judgemental place. Within Thrive you’ll find a genuine community, and steady guidance whenever you need it.


 What do Members say? 

"I love the regular contact (whether it’s the newsletter, journal club, a top tip etc) it feels like I’m constantly hearing from Thrive (in a good way!)"

Hand Therapist

"It's the ultimate introvert CPD - you can learn in your PJs with your beverage of choice and either interact or 'sponge' up the info in your own little bubble."

Hand Therapist

"I love the depth of support available, with detailed responses, journal article recommendations and visual aids to learning, and equally as importantly the positive, encouraging culture that is fostered in the group"

Hand Therapist

"You are such a valuable resource for me being quite isolated with surgeons who say “get him going “ and “Do whatever you think” for every patient. Thank you!"

Hand Therapist

"I am really enjoying the live facebook HandChats, even though I'm not in Australia, I can watch the recorded version so I don't miss out."

Hand Therapist South Africa

"Waiting to join Handspark felt like the longest time because I would get friendly emails along the way and so I knew that there was going to be so much goodness just around the corner, then Bam, I was in and it was so so much more than I expected. Almost like an overload of greatness, Handspark Thrive is THE membership that gives you access to everything you didn't even realise you were missing. The resources, journal club, support and networking within Thrive is international gold class and if you want to make a difference in hand therapy and be the best, you need this membership to guide you there. Beth and Ngaire are absolute rockstars and if they don't know the answer (super highly unlikely) they will seek out the answer. Stop reading testimonials and sign up for the wait list now. Best decision you will make this year. "

Nicole NSW
Hand Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I sign up and it's not for me?

No problems! You can cancel your membership at any time.

What if I miss our or just can't do it this time around?

That’s ok! You can stay on the waitlist until next time.

Will the Summit recordings be available in Thrive?

Absolutely. That’s one of the great perks of being a member. Access these anytime.

How long with the membership be open for?

It’s open for a week. After that time the membership closes so we can focus on providing all of the amazing stuff within Thrive, support our incredible members, and grow and evolve the membership.


Do members get a say in what's included?

Of course We regularly ask our members what topics they want us to cover, what courses they’d love us to develop, and even... what questions to ask the amazing speakers in our Summit!

Thrive opens twice a year. 

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